Screen Ratio

Welcome to the support page for Screen Ratio.

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An easy to use tool for all e-learning developers, web page authors and content creators to quickly calculate a matching size for a given ratio and store frequently used screen sizes.

Screen Ratio allows you to select or enter a width plus height and then after choosing a new width or a new height determine the corresponding measurement in the same original ratio.

If the resulting measurement is not an integer you can step up or down to find the nearest ones available or any other that are possible.

  • Choose from a list of standard screen sizes
  • Save your own custom screen ratios
  • Automatically find the nearest integer ratios

Please email with any comments, suggestions, requests or queries.

Screen Ratio Privacy Policy

Screen Ratio Privacy Policy

Effective Date – 18th October 2018

App Owner – Screen Ratio is owned by Roger Mepham c/o

Data Collected – No data of any kind is collected by Screen Ratio.

Data Stored – Custom screen sizes are stored locally on the device and only available to the app.

Policy Updates – Any changes or updates to this policy will be made available on the page.